Abortion in a pill: America’s convenient killing of its unborn IS America

abortion in a pill

“Health secretary slams abortion pill ruling as ‘not America’”

When I read this headline, I felt a flicker of hope. For an absurd moment, I thought our health secretary had come to his senses and realized that providing women with pills to kill their babies is ‘not America’—or any other nation in a moral world.

50 years ago, an American health secretary would be as appalled as the vast majority of Americans would be by the notion of aborting unborn babies for virtually any reason, let alone for convenience. “Safe and rare” was a lie in 1974. The lie would laughable today, if it weren’t so damnable.

Clearly, abortion is never safe for unborn children. It was relatively rare when it was done to save a mother’s life, not to save men and women from the life-changing consequences of their sexual freedom. The truth is that the vast majority of unwanted children are aborted to avoid unwanted responsibility.

What about rape and incest victims?

According to a 2004 Guttmacher Institute study, the percentage of women who said they were seeking an abortion after being raped was one percent. Those seeking abortion as a result of incest was .05 percent. The study also found that these numbers haven’t changed appreciably between 1987-2004.

The health secretary is right—providing pregnant women with abortion in a pill to kill their babies is America. Sadly, it’s our world. It’s what we’ve become. We’ve embraced the lie that unwanted children are better off dead.

The health secretary is outraged not because any woman’s health is actually endangered by a judge’s ruling. He’s outraged because our sexual freedom is at stake. In his America, we must be able to end a life in order to preserve a lifestyle.

Instead of focusing on phantom rights to abort unwanted children, our health secretary should safeguard the health of those are routinely—and conveniently—denied their health and freedom.