COVID-19 is China’s Chernobyl

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The coronavirus pandemic is showing the world what communist China is truly about—suppression and secrecy. Just like the Soviets, its leaders are hiding how bad it is and muzzling those who try to tell the truth to the world.

This always happens.

As the state grows in power, those who begin as comrades become controllers. They are their gods. When they taste power, they want more. It’s the ultimate drug.

Socialism always devolves into slavery. It does so because it’s incompatible with our bent nature and broken world. It never works. This is why Chinese communism is doomed. And it’s good news.

The good news about the coronavirus, as with all viruses, is that it’s not the end of the world and should recede in intensity as winter becomes spring and then summer. I sure hope so.

I also hope that, like Chernobyl was the deathblow to Russian communism, the coronavirus cover-up will be the beginning of the end for Chinese socialism.

It’s my prayer that lives will be spared, so that as many Chinese as possible will be there to build a new and free nation on the ruins of a failed socialist state. They deserve it.

Freedom always wins. Why? Because we’re made for it.

By attacking Assad’s air base, we’ve pressed a real RESET button: Tyrants beware—America is a paper tiger no more.


Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ford Williams/U.S. Navy via AP

Love him or hate him, Trump just reasserted America’s lone superpower status. And though I don’t like our president, I’m grateful that we’re off the sidelines and back in the game. Hooyah!

Punching an evil tyrant in the nose is EXACTLY the right response to war crimes. It’s eight years overdue, but better late than never. Our missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat air base sends this vital message to Assad and Putin and others like him:

If you commit acts of barbarity against civilians, expect anything and everything from the world’s greatest military.

By the way, how does Trump’s treatment of Russia and its ally make the howlers of Russia/Trump election collusion look? Silly, that’s what.

Cool as Key lime pie

I have to give it to him: How cool is it to order the strike and then sit down to dinner with a tyrannical leader of another amoral regime? I wonder if Xi Jinping was just beginning to enjoy his Key lime pie when an aid whispered the news in his ear.


What Trump seems to get and others should, too, is this:

Evil leaders, regimes and terrorists—and this includes Iran, North Korea, ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al—only consider altering behavior in response to brute force and the fear that crossing “red lines” will likely result in violent consequences.

There are those who claim that Assad’s gas attack is somehow a product of Trump’s supposed “hateful” words. Based on Assad’s previous behavior:

This horrendous act would likely have happened had Hillary been elected. It would likely have happened had Trump not even run. It would’ve even more likely have happened if Obama were still in office.

In each scenario, the timing and other factors may have been different, but the salient issue is this—the gassing of civilian men, women and children was not about Trump or his words. Every neophyte president gets smacked in the face with the reality of real-world intelligence. It happened to Obama and now to Trump.

Any self-respecting tyrant

Does any reasonable person truly think Assad is such a two-bit tyrant that he takes his cues from Trump’s “hate” words and acts accordingly? He’s an evil dictator with a weak chin—why would he need motivation from a loose-cannon-mouthed president? To those who blame Trump for this—STOP giving him so much power.

I’ve written time and again that I don’t like Trump. Though he’s petty, thin-skinned and a bit buffoonish, he’s not evil nor is he the devil. That said, I’m glad he just reestablished America as the muscle behind right responses to international war crimes committed by thugs and their minions.

Finally, America is back as the world’s enforcer of international law and order and common, civilized morality. My first shout out was in Navy speak—here’s the Marine Corps version—Oorah!

Being back sure feels good. It’s RESET time, baby.