Boom: The free fall of Steve Bannon


R.I.P., Steve Bannon.

But I know you won’t because you’re an opportunistic operator who never rests. Though you sure look like you could use some R&R.

Boy, you had one heck of a run. Liberals spat your name as if it sickened them to say it. They talked of you like you were the devil, like your former boss. You wanted it that way, didn’t you? You’re an instigator and political pugilist.

But you aren’t as smart as you led us to think you are.

You conned us into thinking you were some sort of voracious reading evil genius. We thought you made Trump. Maybe you did. You once compared your influence with the White House to Thomas Cromwell’s with the Tudor court.

Pretty lofty for a mere staffer. Is that what we’re supposed to believe about your role on Team Trump? Between your boasts and Trump’s lies, I don’t know what to believe.

Were you his most trusted adviser? Or his puppet master?

One thing’s for sure, Steve Bannon, you were one intriguing son of a gun. But now it’s all over. Your free fall is complete. Or is it?

Washed out of the White House, booted from Breitbart—what’s your next move? A presidential run? Better clean yourself up, buddy.

Good thing you scored those Seinfeld royalties. Don’t drink them away. We need you sober and solvent enough to stir it up in 2020. Because that’s what you’re good at. And that’s what we love about you, Bannon.

Bye, now.

8 Replies to “Boom: The free fall of Steve Bannon”

  1. Alas, Bannon never joined in on the circle of minions bowing and scraping while singing Hallelujah to our Stable Genius Leader. His mea culpa was too little too late. But never fear our President has only the best people. I can’t wait to see how the second string will entertain us until one by one they too will bite the dust. And the cheese stands alone.

    1. Wow. So dark, Jo ;-). Every leader has minions; the previous president had minions who are media members … and some were bowers and scrapers. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Huh, I thought we were talking about Bannon and Trump. Maybe it is because my insomnia has reared its ugly head but I do not remember Obama or any other President being so passionately praised to the accompaniment of the Hallelujah chorus as a group display for the cameras. I know you will disagree and I know I am quite cynical but the overt displays of piousness and sycophancy, to me, are quite vomit worthy. It is painful to watch grown men grovel, especially those who hold significant authority. But, I realize, that is just me. Funny that even some of them sang a different tune at one time. Maybe Trump, the man, has to grow on you. I feel thankful I have not been infected yet. I still have not acquired respect for a person who lies so outrageously and often or for anyone who excuses or pretends to not see those lies. And, before you respond with “all politicians lie or Obama lied” I understand that you cannot see the differences I do.

    Peace Pj

    1. We ARE talking about Bannon and Trump, but I thought we were talking about sycophants in general, but it seems that you’re focusing on evangelical sycophants, right? If so, then yes—you’re right, we didn’t see Obama surrounded by them.

      And no, Trump has not grown on me, and there’s no infection ;-). Neither has Obama grown on me. Or Hillary. Or Bill. I consider all four to be narcissistic, arrogant and deceptive. So, there—I’m an equal opportunity political observer.

      1. Actually I was speaking of Trump’s Cabinet, the Vice-President, and some members of Congress – more about politics than religion. Sometimes words uttered have nothing to do with what is in a person’s heart or how they live their life. As far as religion goes can we agree that even if we have different life stories that cause us to see things with different eyes that God’s love for each of us is unconditional?

        1. I agree with you that God’s love for his children is unconditional. Do you agree that his love for those who are not yet his children is based on the condition that they accept Jesus’ sacrifice for their sin?

          I think your use of the word Hallelujah is what threw me off. You think Trump’s political and cabinet supporters worship him? I think guys like McMasters and Tillerson can barely tolerate him. Pence LOOKS like he kinda does, but maybe that placid, peaceful, adoring gaze hides some frustration. He kinda always looks that way in public. I don’t know.

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