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  1. The biblical principles that are very much a part of our country’s history are being legislated away more so by those who now call themselves “Democrat.” Throughout our history, Democrats often have been on the wrong side. I’md then segregation were both strongholds for the Democrats.
    Also, while Presdent Trump will likely not rise to the level of reverence like Lincoln or Washington, as so many affiliated with the Democratic party keep pointing their fingers at their target. How can anyone gloss over the tainted history of the Clintons.
    Then there are the myriad of issues that the Democrats have pushed more recently. Implementing government control over a large part of health care. Trying to implement laws that force companies to offer abortive agents to their employees, even though that company is obviously against such acts. Forcing schools to allow boys in girls’ locker rooms and vice versa. These are just a few I can think of on the fly.

    1. Hehe. Understatement of the year: President Trump will likely not rise to the level of reverence like Lincoln or Washington. Good points for causes of why evangelicals voted for Trump. There was so much frustration caused by his predecessor’s penchant for policy by fiat. Thanks, Chris.

  2. Why did evangelicals vote for Mr. Trump?
    Because they believe A MAN is going to provide a way out of their misery. They believe A MAN who has been married 3 times and has not had a consistent relationship with the Savior will somehow bring the nation “back to God”.

    Why did I (as a Christian) vote for Hillary Clinton?

    Because I saw Mr. Trump for the huckster he is. I believed that Mrs. Clinton for ALL of her faults cared more about the people that “WE” as believers are supposed to be about.
    I voted for Mrs. Clinton as a defense against a President Trump. That was not successful. We have a President Trump. I am not sure that reflects well on evangelicals.

    Do I think most voted their consciences?
    No, I personally think that most of the evangelicals who voted for Mr. Trump voted their fears. I believe they felt their power slipping away and needed to “right the ship”.
    Did I vote my conscience? I like to hope I did. I am a gay Christian. I believe that in June 1985, I came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have understand that to mean I am to care and love those who are different. I have understand that I am to care, support and love those who are sick, widowed, orphaned, and oppressed.

    We see the world differently. I understand that. I just struggle with the witness that the evangelicals have shown themselves to have with this election. It reflects badly on the name of Christ.

    1. I don’t know any evangelicals who voted for Trump to rescue them from misery. Nor do I know any who hope or expect A MAN to bring our nation back to God. Do you? Do you know Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton well enough to know if either has a consistent relationship with the Savior? I’ve never heard Hillary discuss it. Have you? Why would that be a prerequisite for any president? It’s a civil office. I think most heavenly-minded, thinking believers hope for a moral man or woman for the office. By the way, you do know that many who say they’re “evangelicals” merely respond to poll questions when giving a religious preference, right? I prefer the term “believer.”

      Huckster? Are you referring to Trump AND Hillary? Hillary’s faults? Is rampant dishonesty merely a fault or a character flaw? Is it sin, in your view? Many Trump voters couldn’t stomach Hillary and so considered Trump as the lesser of two evils. Is it possible that many Trump voters voted for a platform or Republican when they voted for Trump?

      How can you make the judgment that evangelicals voted out of fear? Do you know any who did? I don’t. I don’t know any who do much out of fear. Nor can I imagine any irrationally resisting a legally elected Hillary had she won. Fear? Is it possible that what drives the resistance to Trump is mostly fear?

      I don’t think ANYTHING concerning politics reflects badly on the name of Christ. I think he’s so far above and beyond Trump and Hillary and Pavlovitz and evangelicals and you and me. How can the King of kings and Lord of lords be made to look bad over a silly U.S. election cycle?

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