NFL players who kneel for the national anthem aren’t SOBs—they’re just spoiled—like all of us.


You’ve got it all wrong, Trump. NFL players who kneel for the national anthem aren’t sons of b*****s. On the contrary, most are sons of tough, loving, hard-working single moms who tried to instill character in their kids.

These players kneel because they can. And they can because patriots have bled and died for their right to do so. They also have a right to act foolishly. As do you when you go on your Twitter tears, Mr. Artsy Dealmaker.

Most NFL players have been coddled and cajoled since college, maybe even high school. They’re recruited to expensive programs, given the full free ride and plied and swaddled with scads of swag every step of the way. And once they hit the NFL big time, the money and influence multiplies exponentially.

Many of their moms’ life lessons are either mitigated by the law of the ‘hood or by the sudden freedom and power that’s thrust upon them with celebrity. Kind of like what power and wealth did to you, Trump—fooled you into thinking you can fire players by proxy through their teams’ owners.

That’s rich-kid thinking and is as beneath your office as you are. Do yourself a favor, Donald: Issue an executive order to ban yourself from your Twitter account. You come off as pampered and silly tweeting as these players do taking a knee.

Let’s face it—as Americans, we’re spoiled. What we need is a good invasion. We need an enemy to threaten our republic, to galvanize us in a to-the-death fight for our freedom. We could use a rallying cry to make us want to stand up and stand together when our anthem is played.

Only Steeler standing. Former Army Ranger and patriot Alejandro Villanueva
The kneeling NFL players show us just how self-satisfied and complacent we have become as a people and a nation. Remember the weeks and months after 9/11? We came together as Americans. There wasn’t any silly anthem kneeling. Nor should there have been.

The tool who started a movement

Colin Kaepernick. As a bard wrote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Or in this case, the fury of a woman who considers herself scorned by her country because of the color of her skin. Nessa Diab, Kaepernick’s girlfriend, is a radio personality and full-on provocateur. She’s also the driving force behind Kaep’s NFL unemployment.

With race-baiting girlfriend tweets like this, it’s no wonder Kaep is persona non grata in NFL circles:


The top two are former NFL and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis with his arms around Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. The bottom pair is a loyal slave with his arms around his master from the film, “Django Unchained.” Not hard to figure out this implication.

Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed by the NFL because he brings a busload of baggage. NFL owners are understandably reticent to sign him, not because he’s half black or because his girlfriend is a Muslim. And not even because he started this national anthem kneeling nonsense. He’s too hot to handle because his political negatives outweigh his football positives.

Kaep’s a borderline starting quarterback with horrendous throwing mechanics. He can’t read defenses any better than his girlfriend can heed the Constitution. NFL coaches want quarterbacks who are difference makers on the field, not on the sideline. And owners want to sell tickets and merchandise to fans who idolize their star players, not demonize them.

It’s an NFL business decision

Bottom line: Colin Kaepernick is just too much of a pain in the badonka. The only reason the current anthem kneelers haven’t been “fired,” as our spoiled rich-boy president pontificates, is because A) They aren’t quarterbacks, and B) Their play on the field makes up for their foolishness off of it.

Personally, I don’t give a rip whether they stand or kneel during the national anthem. Their choices don’t affect my patriotism or love of country in the least. Here’s all I want from them: Tackle violently, catch touchdown passes, and take the rock to the house. We pay them to provide exciting pro football, not to be flag waving, anthem respecting patriots.

So back off, Trump. Cool your jets, agenda-driven progressives. If NFL players wanna kneel, let’s let ’em kneel. Just as long as they go out there afterwards and knock the snot out of each other.

After all: “All’s well that ends well.” Except for those uber unsatisfying and winner-less overtime games. But that’s another rant for another Sunday.

8 Replies to “NFL players who kneel for the national anthem aren’t SOBs—they’re just spoiled—like all of us.”

  1. A few thoughts: just because you’re a rich black NFLer doesn’t erase that your American experience is vastly different than those white folk who watch you every Sunday. Being a millionaire doesn’t exempt African American athletes from conscious or unconscious biases, racism or bigotry. We can’t write others experiences and we shouldn’t dismiss those experiences because ours are different. Actions, attitudes, education, authority, religion, society……and many other factors not only affect individuals but whole people groups within any nation. How we as Christians choose to engage in those conversations about social justice, prejudices, differing perceptions and experiences should reflect the grace bestowed upon us by our creator. We should be part of the solution, sadly many just dismiss a whole bunch of fellow humans created in God’s image because we didn’t have those same experiences or issues and it takes too much time and energy to actually engage in meaningful understanding.

  2. This is where I fall. We as a nation MUST fix the problem. I think that will take those of us who are believers to get on our knees.

    History is a wicked teacher. I would love for us to learn from her. The nation has endured much. We have fought wars where leaders have lied to us, we have seen our leaders disgrace themselves and the office they held by deception, and we have seen protests that started as simple acts of defiance. All of those are part of our history. But after all that it is the picture of taking a knee that will disrespect a veteran. It is taking a knee that somehow tears the fabric of the flag. Have you been watching PBS and The Vietnam War? It is amazing. The symbols of some of those protests were throwing back of medals given to veterans, burning of draft cards, and burning the flag. The protesters didn’t hate any of these inanimate objects. Those objects had lost their value because the leaders had prostituted them. The leaders lied. We face difficult times in the U.S. If our symbols can’t handle folks taking a knee, then we are in real trouble. We have to solve the problem. Why are folks taking the knee? Injustice reigns. Voices aren’t heard. People (Real, flesh and blood folks) are marginalized, beaten, and killed by a system that is supposed to protect and serve.

    1. I haven’t seen The Vietnam War documentary series. I think it’s by Ken Burns, and I’m a fan of his work.

      Not sure I agree with your assessment, but I know there’s truth on both sides. Thanks for your comment. And I agree—prayer is powerful in changing hearts and minds. After all, God is the only one who transform.

      1. I am not sure in what you disagree. The flag and the anthem are symbols. They aren’t The Constitution. They aren’t the Bill of Rights. They aren’t The Declaration of Independence. The three documents I referenced are more than symbols, they are the foundation. The anthem and the flag aren’t. The flag and anthem has been “disrepected” previously and we as a nation have survived. We will this time too.

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