Trumping Truth: The Scripture according to Pete Buttigieg

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Mayor Pete says Trump’s conduct is incompatible with Scripture. He also holds that, according to his scriptural interpretation, life begins at first breath.

Yet Scripture says otherwise. In Psalm 139:

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Amen. Nothing about first breath here. More like a breath of fresh air. But Pete maintains his trust in Scripture by relying on his personal interpretation. By holding to his interpretive position—even though it conflicts with Scripture AND science—he can support abortion up to the moment of a baby’s first breath AND consider his position scripturally sound.

Pete also says that God is apolitical. And that he has a hard time imagining that the Almighty had anything to do with Trump becoming president. If God had nothing to do with Trump’s election, who’s responsible? The devil? Deluded voters and bad Christians? Pete doesn’t say, but he kinda does.

What odd scriptural positions Mayor Pete holds. To recap:

1) Trump’s conduct is immoral. Even though he champions the sanctity of life and opposes late-term and up-to-birth abortion, both of which Pete supports.

2) The mayor doesn’t tell other Christians how to be Christian, but if they support Trump, they are not scriptural Christians and aren’t doing Christianity the right way—Pete’s way.

3) He says he has a high regard for Scripture, yet disregards many of its basic truths: We’re created in God’s image, he knew us before we were born, and all life is sacred.

It seems that Pete’s scriptural positions aren’t particularly compelling—politically, medically OR scripturally. So why does he hold them? Because they’re compatible with his lifestyle and political beliefs.

Pete seems to deny the essence of Scripture. By its nature, it’s steadfast and unchangeable; it doesn’t conform to anyone’s belief preferences. We conform to its truths; it doesn’t conform to our wants. And if we embrace it, we do so because we believe it’s true and that it reflects the love and nature of God.

It’s not that God is apolitical; it’s that he is as far above petty politics as he is above conforming to our preferences.

Mayor Pete is right about one thing: Trump does conduct himself in ways that are incompatible with Scripture. So do I, from time to time. So do you. And so does Pete.

Sometimes Trump’s conduct aligns with Scripture. Like when he uses his power to protect the innocent. Or when he shows mercy by pardoning the penitent. Or when he brings justice to murderous terrorists.

I would respect Pete’s brandishing of Scripture much more, if his words and actions aligned with what it teaches. If I could, I’d say this to Pete:

Please revisit your untenable position about when life begins and whose is sacred and whose is optional. And don’t make a devil of The Donald—he’s just another sinner like you and me.

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  1. I am grateful to have Mr. Buttigieg in the conversation. He is articulate. He is a believer (he indicates he as does Mr. Trump). He is passionate. Abortion will be with us even if The Supreme Court outlaws it. It will become more dangerous if that happens. The jails will become even more crowded. Until the new Heaven and new Earth are brought forth by God himself we will have man’s freewill in the way of God’s perfect plan.

    I hear from those who excuse Mr. Trump, his language, and his behavior by saying we aren’t electing a national pastor. Indeed we aren’t. We are though electing someone who by declaring themselves to be a man of faith should be that in word and deed. You see his killing of terrorists as being a man of faith-he is protecting the United States, even though there is now reason to believe there wasn’t an interment threat upon the US at the time he ordered the killing. It feels like you are saying that the end justifies the means. Please don’t tell me that’s what you are saying.

    We disagree on many things politically. Where we do align is that we are fallen. We we do align is that God is sovereign. Where we do align is that salvation is found in Jesus Christ, no in political party and not in who you support for President.

    I will get to worship with you in Heaven not because I voted for Mr. Trump (which I didn’t and won’t), but because on June 11, 1985 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. He forgave me of my sins and wrote my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

  2. Murder will be with us, too. Should we legalize it? Is abortion part of God’s perfect plan? Freewill to have one’s baby killed?

    The fact that Soleimani, an Iranian terrorist, flew into Baghdad is all the threat I need. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if we drone-struck him while he was sipping tea in China; he had blood on his hands, was a criminal, and got justice at the business end of a missile. His flying into Iraq makes him a threat to our servicemen there.

    I’m glad you accepted Christ as Savior. I did so, too almost two years after you did—August 5, 1987.

    1. PJ, you are a man of intelligence. You are a man of passion. I never said that abortion is in God’s perfect plan. What I did say that man’s freewill is in the way of God’s perfect plan. God’s perfect plan would be that the innocent on death row would be free. God’s perfect plan would be that women wouldn’t be raped by men. God’s perfect plan would be that we would honor Him in word and deed.

      That is God’s perfect plan. ONE DAY, THAT DAY… some day that will come to pass. The lion will lay down with the lamb. Until then, we live in a fallen world. We live under fallen leaders. We live with the results of OUR wills.

      I am grateful for your voice though I do have concerns that its passion may be misdirected, misguided. That won’t be settled here and it won’t matter there. So, we can spar here, but remember it is about love. Our goal in life is love especially if we are changed creatures.

      Thank you for the interaction and discussion. I have missed you.

      1. Do you believe God is sovereign and guides our lives by influencing our choices? Do you believe that even in our fallen world, he is in complete control?

        1. I do believe that God is Sovereign. I do believe he influences our choices. I also know that Satan is active. The world will not be sinless until the new heaven and new earth are realized.
          We live in the tension of that. It is hard. We would love for it to be different, but it won’t be.

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