Latest anti-gun enthusiast tactics: Use school kids for more gun control.


Students walk out for gun control. School kids march for their lives. Students want government to protect them?

Wait, what? The same government that can’t even balance a budget … let alone navigate the tightrope between liberty and tyranny? I’ll get back to the idiocy of trusting in government in a moment.

First, dear anti-gun enthusiasts:

You’ve decided that NOW is the time to make activists of school kids. You’re actually pushing the absurd notion that young people who experience school shootings are more qualified to effect the change you want than those who haven’t?

Memo to students

This is one time you should NOT listen to your elders. Here’s some better advice:

Protect yourselves by policing yourselves. More gun control cannot and will not make you more safe. Ask yourself this: Are you’re willing to put your safety in the hands of THIS government? You do realize that if you are and if you push this to its endpoint, you’ll be trading freedom for LESS security, right?

Back to trusting in government:

Do you think it wise to trust a government whose FBI failed to follow-up on multiple tips about Nikolas Cruz? Can you rely on a government that made it much more difficult for schools to punish violent students and for local law enforcement to partner with districts to remove repeat offenders?

Wait a minute. Why am I addressing students? The vast majority of them don’t know their butts from holes in the ground. I know—I was one. And I remember that I pulled many silly and senseless stunts simply because I was young and dumb.

Let’s face it—we were ALL young and dumb. We lacked wisdom and maturity because we lacked experience and life lessons—and the ability to speak effectively on issues like gun control.

In the words of savvy Mad Men Creative Director Don Draper, “Young people don’t know anything. Especially that they’re young.”

Exploitive adults

I’ll now address the real movers of this movement:

Anti-gun enthusiasts, who are using young people to further your gun-control agenda, listen up:

Qualification to speak wisely on issues and effect real solutions isn’t earned through the fear and tragedy of surviving a school shooting. It’s earned through earnest study of cause and effect and the ability to objectively process evidence and weigh the viability of potential solutions.

Most kids can’t process the causes and effects of a bad date.

The notion that these Florida students—or any high school or younger people—are qualified to speak expertly about gun control is absurd. It’s “thinking” like this that springs from the same illogic that asserts that children can responsibly decide to change their gender.

Any parent can tell you that their kid can change his opinion about virtually anything five times in five minutes. I know that school kids aren’t toddlers and that many are bright and eager to make a difference. But intelligence mixed with inexperience—and tragedy—does NOT make them more qualified to be voices for any issue.

Stop using kids

Anti-gun activists: Have you considered that the intense fear school shooting survivors experience may make them LESS qualified to speak objectively about gun control? Could your insistence that they’re freshly qualified to do so be exploitive?

Let’s talk qualifications again. Qualifications are attained through education and experience, which leads to expertise. Going through a traumatic experience doesn’t qualify anyone for anything. Yes, these school kids’ voices are important and may be more resonant than others, but more qualified?

I would listen most intently to anyone who can separate his emotions from his intellect and actually process and analyze data involving existing gun laws and mass shootings. Do you truly think traumatized school shooting survivors can do either objectively?

Would you consider that maybe we should let these kids process and heal from the tragedy they’ve endured? And instead enlist those who’ve already graduated from high school and maybe even have college degrees. And perhaps we could listen to those with real-world experience that comes with being … I don’t know … a few MORE years beyond puberty.

Let’s go ground zero

Stop using kids to bring us to our senses about the senseless need for MORE gun control. Never mind that the real need is for more parental and familial latitude to commit mentally ill young people like Nikolas Cruz who bragged about his plans to become a killer.

Do you think that cajoling students to walk out of class and march for their lives to get THIS federal government to pass more gun control legislation is a better solution than coming up with ground-zero solutions at the state and local level?

Would you rather protect the freedom of troubled kids like Cruz to skirt mental health treatment than empower parents and families to force them to get help? Do you truly think this upside down “logic” is a smart way to protect our students?

Glaring illogic

Speaking of logic, let’s summarize yours:

More gun controls laws + scattershot enforcement by a government that consistently proves itself unable or unwilling to make them work = equals safer schools.

Armed guards + schools ≠ safer school zones while posting gun-free zone signs in schools does.

Allowing teachers to arm themselves = terrible idea. Relying on local, hamstrung cops to risk life and limb and do their duty = good idea.

And now you’re pushing school walkouts and marches for gun control? I can tell you that as a young student, my friends and I would’ve walked out of school in support of any cause. We would have walked out to support anti-mosquito discrimination—as long as it got us out of class.

We’d march in a March For Our Lives … or Chives … or Hives event as long as it included girls or free pizza.

Whose movement?

Truth to adult users:

Your student gun control push is a movement only because you’ve made it one. You seem to think that government is the answer to all our problems while ignoring commonsense people-to-people solutions. And you’ll use any tools it takes to push your agenda—even kids.

The March For Our Lives events, billed as “for the kids, by the kids,” are promoted and sponsored by a collection of progressive organizations including Everytown For Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Women’s March On Washington, Planned Parenthood (that’s rich), and as usual,

The Florida school kids went through some real scary trauma. We owe them a clear-headed discussion and swift action to better protect them and others, not self-serving, never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste partisan activism.

As Americans, school kids’ voices are important, but their experience does NOT make them uniquely qualified as voices for gun control. To pretend that they are and to use them to further one side of the argument is opportunistic and abusive.

Let’s protect our children—not weaponize them.

15 Replies to “Latest anti-gun enthusiast tactics: Use school kids for more gun control.”

  1. Pj, Do teenagers attend your church? Are their parents forcing them to attend and thereby using them to further their religious agenda?

    During Vietnam 18 year olds were drafted, had a gun put in their hands and were sent overseas to kill people while the adults here sat in their cushy offices and sent other people’s loved ones to fight their war. The military will take you at 17 with a parental consent.

    Was the Las Vegas mass murder the FBI’s fault also or could it possibly be that part of the problem was lax laws that allows people to stockpile guns, stockpile thousands of rounds of ammunition, and use gunstocks to turn guns into automatic weapons that killed 58 people and injured 851?

    Isn’t it even remotely possible that doing this is helping these kids? Isn’t it even remotely possible that they are feeling a power that might take away the powerlessness of being a sitting duck in the sights of someone with an automatic weapon? Don’t you think that those students who have not been victims are still frightened by these shootings and that they have a right to be frightened. This power will be fleeting. Soon enough, they will be forced to learn that part of being an adult is playing the cards you are dealt and that the government is ruled by powerful wealthy people and special interests that are elected by no one.

    Do you want teachers to run to a locked cabinet to get their weapon instead of getting their children to safety? Do you want them weaponed up like Rambo so they can really scare those bad guys? My daughter in law is a teacher. I probably do not need to tell you what she and her fellow teachers think about that. Of course I have heard conservatives call all public school teachers overpaid liberal brain washers a few too many times. But it would be a win for the gun manufacturers.

    1. I was forced to attend church until I got my driver’s license at 16. I had no idea my parents were using me to further their religious agenda. I didn’t even know that had one.

      I know you’re using that example to poke holes in my belief that these kids are being used. Apparently we disagree. I don’t understand the parallel.

      I want teachers to do whatever they’re comfortable doing when it comes to guns. I can tell you that I could get to my secured safe and have a gun locked and loaded, safety off, and be ready and able to protect my family in 10-15 seconds.

      If I were a teacher, it would probably be more like 20-30 seconds because I’d be locking the door and getting my students on the floor and under desks before I’d arm myself. If leading my students OUT of a locked classroom was the district’s protocol, I’d do that AND arm myself. But this is me. Of course, teachers can choose not to carry of have access to firearms. We all have freedom, but I’m a big believer in stopping shooters with bullets over not stopping them with more laws that fail to address core causes. If a teacher could and chose to arm him or herself, I’d rather they be proficient with emptying a clip into a school shooter’s torso and making him a dead shooter rather than any Rambo-esque nonsense.

      Why would I or any other sane person think anyone doesn’t have a right to their emotions?

  2. We don’t agree on much politically. We definitely don’t agree that the students who are speaking have an unique privilege to speak to THIS event and to ask for safe schools. They went through a horrible event on February 14. There are SEVENTEEN families who had someone leave the house on that Valentine’s Day and not return. SEVENTEEN… The survivors left their home that morning, they came home but not the same. They were changed. Some are uncomfortable with that change. You seem to be one. These young people found their voice.

    NO ONE who is asking/demanding action is asking that the 2nd amendment be abolished. They are asking for responsible gun ownership. They are asking for FEDS , STATE, and other law enforcement to do their jobs. They are seeking laws that MENTALLY ILL people shouldn’t own a guy. They are asking that gun ownership should be a right at the age of 21, not 18.

    I tire of the argument that society is to blame. Videos and all… Other countries have those same factors. Familial breakdown occurs in every society around the globe. Parents lack of attention to their kids is a factor across the world. The rampages are here. Why?! The answer appears to be simple to me.

    I don’t know what the solutions are. I grew up around rifles that my grandfather had. I shot them a hand-full of times. I don’t own a gun. That DOES NOT mean I don’t believe you shouldn’t. You have every right to have one as long as you are law abiding. if your mental health begins to decline there should be an evaluation. If you commit domestic violence you should surrender your guns and ownership privileges. Prevent those under the age of 21 from legally owning a gun.

    Are there any legislative initiatives that you would support? If not, then you are as reactionary as you claim those who are exploiting the students are.

    You are a good man Patrick. I know that. I see that.

    1. Comfortable with someone’s else changed life?

      Do you mean to say that I’m comfortable with the status quo concerning our existing gun laws? If you do, I can assure you that I am not. Nor am I comfortable with the abject failure of enforcement of said laws. Nor am I comfortable with law enforcement officers and FBI agents failing to do their duty, which could have saved SEVENTEEN lives. Nor am I comfortable with families and friends of mentally ill kids not having the ability to force unstable loved ones to get help. Nor am I comfortable with media, celebrities and wannabe “experts” like David Hogg and opportunists like Sheriff Scott Israel running their mouths with absurd talking points and butt-covering distortions instead of doing their jobs—or in the case of Hogg—expressing views that aren’t poisoned with partisanship. Nor am I comfortable with people ignoring societal causes and effects that clearly play significant roles in tragedies like Parkland.

      I think I detailed my openness to some legislative initiatives in my previous post. For one, I have no problem with restricting gun ownership to 21 years of age.

      You say that you think I’m a good man. Are good men comfortable with people being murdered?

      1. What I meant by you being “uncomfortable” was the use by the students of their united voice, of their united anger over continued inaction by lawmakers. After seeing the 4 of the top 10 mass shootings within the last 21 months, the U.S. still does not have universal background checks. That should make us embarrassed. It should make us angry.

        There were failures that led to the Stoneman Douglas deaths. There is plenty of responsibility for inaction and missed opportunities. You are correct. There are people who want to politicize this tragedy on BOTH sides. You can point out the liberal bias, which there is. But you don’t point out the bias found on the right and the money that has been used by the NRA to promote the status quo.

        Mr. Hogg went through a horrific experience. He is using his education to be a spokesman. Should he be challenged if his facts are incorrect? Absolutely. Should he be lambasted by the press because he doesn’t fit into a certain mold? No. Should he be sidelined because his political views may not align to yours or mine? No, that’s not how we do it here in the U.S.

        We saw what happens when we marginalize people who are protesting inaction by the Federal Government. Some are comparing this to the 1960s and the anti-war protests. My hope is that this effort has a bit more stability to it and sound leadership.

        Are there societal issues that impact these shooters? Yes. Has the CDC been able to study them? No. Why? Because in 1990s there was a law passed that prevented the study of mass shootings by the CDC. We should study the cause. We (you and I) may be surprised by those results. You may learn these shooters come from “stable” homes. They come from parents who love them. They come from privilege. It appears that the majority of these shooters are white. Again my argument to the societal pressures is that they are true in other countries too where we don’t see this type of violence, because guns are not prevalent.

        PJ, you and I won’t agree on many things politically. We won’t. I have come to accept that. You have your lens that you view life through and I have mine. I think both of us try to view it through Scripture first. As we should. My hope is that even though we disagree, we can continue to do so respectfully. If either one of us take each other’s words out of context or are offended by them we must resolve that.

        I believe you are a good man. I believe you are a brother. I believe you are interested in offering solutions. The question I would have, are they effective solutions? Can they make the change needed? I don’t believe you are comfortable with kids, adults getting killed and wounded. I don’t believe that you want people to go out into eternity while in a place where they should be safe. I know you don’t.

        1. Sorry my reply took so long. David Hogg lambasted by the press? C’mon—he’s a media darling. I don’t believe in sidelining opinions; I believe in dismantling silly ones with reason, logic and truth. My post in no way advocates silencing or restricting people’s opinions and views. It has everything to do with analyzing and accepting or rejecting their views. I contend that the media and leftist activists are using these kids to pursue more gun control based on what they’re saying, not solely based on their age.

          I’m not offended by your words. I was just fired up. I’m troubled by the unbridled divisiveness of our culture and politics, but am encouraged by our ability to discuss differences respectfully. Thanks for being a voice of reason and respect.

  3. Always jealous of your writing.

    Lots of thoughts here…

    I know that people who lean towards conservative politics are pissed about the gun control issue, and people seeking more government involvement in who gets/doesn’t get a gun, but let’s not shut down a victim’s voice – that’s more dangerous I think.

    1. I remember being in awe of your artistic ability in junior high when you created those funny and witty sketches in art class. I’ve also noticed some good stuff in YOUR writing.

      I agree with you about not shutting down victims’ voices. I’ll never be into that because winning people over with sound ideas and persuasion is much more fulfilling for all involved. Shutting down dissenting voices is what young people seem to be taught in schools and put into action in events like March For Our Lives.

      I believe there’s an essential difference between victims’ voices being uniquely resonant and their being uniquely qualified. Pointing out that distinction does not in any way shut down voices.

      1. Pj, The NRA from the 60’s and before took the lead in common sense gun laws. A new regime took over in the 70’s and has gradually morphed into what it is today. Do Dana Loesch and Wayne LaPierre speak for you?

        In 1996 The Republican majority in congress threatened to strip funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention unless it stopped funding research into firearm injuries and deaths. The NRA accused the CDC of promoting gun control.

        You have decided that qualifications to even speak about gun issues are earned through earnest study of cause and effect and the ability to objectively process evidence and weigh the viability of potential solutions. You cannot get more partisan than when the only people who can speak about gun issues is the NRA who has succeeded in shutting down dissenting voices for years.

        You have decided more gun control cannot and will not make you more safe. You have decided that shutting down dissenting voices is what young people seem to be taught in schools. The NRA has used this since 1996. Are you a teacher? Have you studied what is actually taught in schools? Do the children proclaim to call themselves experts? You have decided the views which do not reflect yours are poisoned with partisanship. Again see above in regards to partisanship.

        If no one is allowed to speak about something unless they are an expert at it, then we all better just shut up. For decades there has been a bunch of white guys in congress who have discussed “women’s issues” and submitted legislation regarding “women’s issues”. Having a wife or having sex with a woman does not qualify you as an “expert” on women’s issues. That has never stopped them. Good grief Paul Ryan came up with the term “forcible rape” which literally translated means “forcible forcing another person to have sexual intercourse against their will”. Do you think he is an expert on rape?

        Except for a few congresspeople who attended none of those marchers has the power to legislate anything. Why would the NRA mock them? The NRA drew a line years ago. Their cure for everything is more guns, we need more guns.
        The only thing worse than a bully is a bully wielding a gun.

        Reagan shut down mental health facilities years ago. Now we have policemen who have to police those with mental illness. I know this one because our oldest is a policeman and that is his job right now. Since you think the government can’t do anything right maybe we will have to depend on the kindness of strangers and see how that works out. That is what Paul Ryan wants right?

        Peace Pj

        1. Hey, Joanne

          Sorry so long on the reply. Been a busy activist for our cannabis issue up here in the Sierras and feel like I never have time anymore. No, Dana Loesch and Wayne LaPierre do not speak for me. Nor does the NRA. Nor I for them. You’ve made a connection between valid opinion expression and the NRA that I do not make. Please don’t connect qualifications with “can speak.” Anyone can speak about gun control. Everyone has their right to their opinion. Some opinions are valid, sound, reasoned, nuanced and bolstered with knowledge and insight. Some are talking point-driven nonsense—like David Hogg’s. By the way, I’ve noticed that his opinions about gun control and other issues mirror JP’s. So does his style and maturity level. So does his overwrought arrogance. So you see, age can have absolutely no effect on valid opinion expression.

          Let’s ignore the NRA. I do. I don’t care about the NRA; I care about reasoned voices. I have seen with my own eyes the behavior of college kids right out of public schools in regards to free speech. One doesn’t have to be a teacher to form valid opinions based on observation. I knew instinctively a long time ago that views that aren’t reflective of reality and are littered with nonsensical talking points from one side only are poisoned with partisanship. It has nothing to do with disagreement. Again, you’re mistaking qualification to express sound opinions with rights to express any opinion. Not what I wrote. For the record, our discussion need not be compromised by Paul Ryan or the NRA.

  4. Pj, I hope you had a beautiful Easter.

    I admire any one who has talent and a passion and that includes people who honor their guns and honor the power and responsibility of their guns. Not everyone who can legally buy a gun possesses that same honor or ability to be responsible. Do you find that last statement reflective of reality and a valid opinion?

    As to the NRA, their voice is the only voice that is heard. Their voice overrules your voice.

    I am saddened that you want to paint those who disagree with you with the same brush, even students or schools. I have seen students also. I have a grandson that sees some things differently than me. My daughter in law is a teacher and I know many other teachers. I worked for an Electrical Apprenticeship for decades and saw many right out of high school and participated in high school and college outreach. I have friends who see things differently than me.

    We will agree to disagree. I am just as passionate about people as you are just with different eyes and ears. I do not judge you. If we were all in lockstep that would be a cult. A cult is the antithesis of freedom.

    Peace Pj

    1. Thanks, Joanne
      I find many of your statements reflective of reality, Jo—especially the ones that are complimentary of me ;-). I don’t mean to broad-brush people. That’s not my intention. I’m so tired at the moment. Perhaps that has affected my last blog post and comments. I think I told you that I’m the point person for a group trying to stop commercial cannabis from being allowed in our county. I’ve been taking abuse from FBers on the pro side and it can be exhausting.

      And now I’m having trouble mustering the energy to write my own blog posts. It takes a lot of juice to be an activist ;-).

      Let’s discuss something we may actually agree on. What’s your opinion of commercial cannabis?

      1. Pj, I am so glad you are back! I thought the pod people replaced your body and left out a couple of important parts.

        I think you will be disappointed in me again. I have a cannabis card. I put a dropperfull of CBD oil in my morning green tea. I have arthritis, it helps me get my day started. I also have chronic insomnia. Believe me when I say I have tried everything. So when the pain keeps me up I also take a 1:1 ratio cannubis pill that works most of the time. This old lady cannot function on 4 or less hours of sleep. It also makes it harder to deal with the pain.

        Like everything else it is expensive but I trust what I am getting and will continue until I cannot afford it anymore. Doctors cannot prescribe hydrocodone any more because they and the drug companies caused a massive crisis so will only prescribe for surgery recovery or cancer. Making money rules.

        Sorry my week hasn’t gone that well either. You don’t have to respond because I know you are busy and I am not up to be scolded by your pod person doppelganger.

        1. Hey, Joanne

          Sorry so long on the reply. I stepped away from my blog for awhile to focus on finishing our house.

          I’m not disappointed that you use CBD oil. A member’s wife in our group also uses it to relieve pain. I’m not against personal use and am open to cannabis’ rescheduling and extensive study.

          Pod person doppelganger?

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